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Olivia, a settlement officer at a local title agency, receives a phone call from a local real estate company. They tell her that the presenter for their upcoming sales meeting just canceled. There’s now an opportunity for her to present to a large group of real estate agents. She has existing business relationships with some of them and has been wanting to talk with the others for quite some time. Of course, Olivia jumps at this opportunity, offering to be of service by making an educational presentation about title insurance and real estate closings. She asks when the meeting is scheduled and finds out it’s tomorrow. Yikes!

Steve, a real estate attorney for a regional law firm, networks with a lender and REALTOR®. Together, they decide they could make a positive impact in their market by educating first-time homebuyers about the purchase process and how title insurance protects property rights. Steve has to present this information at a trendy new restaurant in town – a place where young first-time homebuyers are likely to visit. While he knows the real estate industry and the market well, he is starting from square one to create his presentation.

During a downturn in the market, title agency owner, manager, closer and marketer (aka chief-cook-and-bottle-washer), Maureen, decides she should pound the pavement to get her company’s name out there. Without much formal sales training, she is looking for some help to jump start her efforts. While network meetings have helped boost the social life a bit, it hasn’t done enough for her business’ bottom line.

There is one solution for Olivia, Steve and Maureen – Shared Success!

Olivia reaches out to her local Old Republic Title (ORT) representative, Kathy, and explains the tight deadline for the real estate sales meeting. By the end of the day, Olivia has a customized presentation with speaking notes and handouts ready to go.

Steve calls his ORT representative, Chuck, for a Title 101 presentation that covers the benefits of owner’s title insurance and talks about home closings in a way that excited (and overwhelmed) first-time homebuyers will really appreciate.

Maureen learns about a Shared Success Mentorship Program that allows her to work side-by-side with her Old Republic Title representative, Emily. Through the seven-week program, they focus on strategies and activities designed to support Maureen in working toward her business development objectives. She receives sales training geared toward the title insurance business, sets goals and tracks her appointments to ensure she concentrates on important, profitable tasks.

Exclusive to Old Republic Title, Shared Success provides education, resources and training for a variety of needs in the title industry. From keeping industry professionals up-to-date on changing legislation to business development, there are solutions for our title agents and their customers. If you can relate to Olivia, Steve, and Maureen, or have other educational needs, follow in their footsteps and contact your local Old Republic Title representative for availability in your area.

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